About Culinary Impressions

buffet style catering

Our Approach

We offer personalized culinary solutions that work with your style, and within your budget. Weddings. Corporate lunches. Garden parties. Sports events. Special celebrations.

Culinary Impressions is devoted to pleasing the most discerning of palates and personalities!

From traditional favorites to gourmet fare, each creation captures the best of seasonal items and culinary perfection.

Our Story

It all started in a parking lot in Lorneville, New Brunswick in 2008 serving breakfast to a group of 300 pipeline men at 5:00am every morning for 4 months. From that time we have grown to a full scale catering company that specializes in home dinner parties, cocktail parties, special dinners, office parties, bbqs, community events and much more. We have catered dinners and events from 2 people for that intimate night to a grand opening gala of 600 guests, all presented with our own Culinary Impressions flair.

Meet the Team

Perry Perry McCullum

Founder | Food Enthusiast

Perry has over 30 years of Hospitality experience, running restaurants from Halifax to Saint John for International Hotel. He has absorbed a wealth of culinary secrets that he is willing to share to make your next event memorable and unique. What is amazing about this man is his charisma and abiltity to relieve your stress. You will love his magnetic charm. He has a staff of 20 amazing experienced, wonderful people to help make your day perfect.
Ray Alder Culinary Impressions Ray Alder

Founder | Operations, Marketing

Ray has endless talents as a result of his entrepreneurial background. Before Culinary Impressions, he founded several successful small businesses in Saint John. Now he applies his Marketing and Operations skills to catering your next event. Everybody loves Ray because he ensures all details are taken care of to make your event run smoothly. We know he will not leave until your venue is spotless and you are thrilled for your day.